Marcos López


Marcos López (Gálvez, 1958)

From Marcos López’s unclassifiable and profoundly interdisciplinary work, there are three languages, or influences, which can be pointed out: the sublimation of all things ordinary, the theatricality of pop-art, and the expropriation –certainly parodic– of religious archetypes. His last work experiments with vernacular photography, creating his own tales from anonymous images which he finds in flea markets and antique shops. The images which he recomposes acquire a strong performatic charge, along with his usual spontaneity and irony. According to the artist, his work departs from an exercise of practical atonement: he evokes through his art all his fears, his wounds, his contradictions. He does first, then he thinks. And, from this act of intuitive creation emerge his eloquent and original compositions.

This interplay between personal and artistic boundaries repeats all through his career. Under the name of criollo sub-realism, López combines surrealism and Latino Pop to record the Latin-American cultural reality. His goal is to reclaim that which is deemed precarious and peripheric, through humour and exaggeration, thus distancing himself from traditional documentalist approaches, without losing his lucidity and critical spirit in the process.

His work is included in both public and private collections in Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), in Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Castilla y León (León), Daros Latin American Foundation (Zürich), Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac (Paris), amongst others.

Artistas de entrecasa: Marcos López.
Paula Zacharias
En esta visita de #ArtistasdeEntrecasa​, charla profunda con el rey del pop latino, Marcos López. Algunos temas: la poética del abandono y un recitado de Yupanqui con posterior análisis propio, la terapia de la limpieza, percepciones sobre la muerte, el libro-objeto intervenido, la venta por Instagram al mismo nivel que a las grandes colecciones, la falta-envidia-necesidad de orden, los homenajes a Hockney, el arte como labor-terapia y mucho más.

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