Sixe Paredes


Sergio Hidalgo Paredes, also known as SIXEART, better known as the artist SIXE PAREDES, was born in 1975 in Barcelona.

He began his artistic career in the world of graffiti at the end of the 1980s and it has been evolving and transforming. Always investigating and looking to take his art further, he began experimenting in the mid-90s with other artistic formats such as painting, sculpture, and installation.

This is how, at the end of the 90s, he settled into his own studio developing work that came to define him as a visual artist. In this studio, he developed an abstract universe of color equipped with shapes and symbols that show a very personal aesthetic, one that is instantly recognizable visually and has helped to shape his own unique identity and artistic originality. This evolution has led him to develop an abstraction that is based on a very diverse and intense palette of colors, with complex symbolism and a meticulous mastery of geometric forms, which sometimes includes numerical cryptography, referred to by the artist as “circuits” helping the viewer “connect” with another, deeper reality.

Meanwhile, since he started working in his studio, he has continued his artistic career outside of the studio combining both the public and the private, through artistic interventions in the street and constant work in his studio.


Selected solo exhibitions

2020 Círculo Sagrado, RocioSantaCruz, Barcelona.
2019 Círculo Sagrado, CEART, Madrid.
2018 Color, Forma y Materia, Galería Le Feuvre&Roze, París.
2017 El espíritu de la montaña, Alice Gallery, Bruselas, Bélgica.
Naturaleza Abstracta, SC Gallery, Bilbao, España.
2016 Antes, después, ahora, Museo del Qorikancha, Cuzco, Perú.

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Publicación Círculo Sagrado de Sixe Paredes



Círculo Sagrado, RocioSantaCruz, Barcelona

El círculo sagrado, CEART, Madrid
Color, Forma y Materia, Galería Le Feuvre&Roze, París
ART ELYSÉES, Art & Design. Galería Le Feuvre&Roze, Paris, Francia
Observaciones y procesos de la pintura mural. España

El espíritu de la montaña, Alice Gallery, Bruselas, Bélgica
Antes, después, ahora, Morbo Gallery. Centro Cultural de España. Lima, Perú
Naturaleza Abstracta, SC Gallery. Bilbao, España
Ofrenda Celeste, instalación. Castellón, España
Coloreando a la par, Fundación A la par. Madrid, España

Antes, después, ahora, Museo del Qorikancha. Cuzco, Perú
Un mundo, dentro de otro mundo, Galería ROCA UMBERT, Granollers
Murs que parlem, proyecto. Escuela Ferrer i Guadia. Granollers, España
H3O proyecto. Galería Art Areté. Principado de Andorra. 

DANZA – RITUAL, exposición individual. Galería Le Feuvre, París

Futurismo Ancestral, Approved by Pablo & Somerset House, Londres, Reino Unido.
Lost In Space, Alice Gallery & Aliceday. Bruselas, Bélgica

31ª Edición ARCO. Stand El País – Madrid

Cosmo Visión, Carmichael Gallery, Los Ángeles, EEUU

Conversation with Arcadi Poch