Jean Denant


Jean Denant (Sète, France 1979) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work, which moves between painting, architecture, design and sculpture, explores new fields across a pluralistic practice which delves into nature and its materials, gestures and identity, always reflecting on the concept of reconstruction.

Graduated in Applied Arts, he also studies Fine Arts in Toulouse and Cracovia. He is represented in France by the gallery Anne de Villepox (Paris) and in Spain by RocioSantaCruz (Barcelona). As Solenne Bertrand explains, the work of Jean Denant questions the Human through architecture. Considering that architecture redefines the world in which human beings evolve, the artist questions human nature through the creative gesture. In the work of Jean Denant, architecture functions as a poetic and philosophic metaphor to take the pulse of the world. Be it a building or a human story, all can be reduced to the concept of construction. Therefore, the artist invites us to enter into a continuous attempt at construction-deconstruction in order to generate new optics, to open cracks in the foundations of the hegemonic discourse.

In his work, Denant plays with architecture using simple and typical construction materials: giving them an artistic finish provokes a voluntary discrepancy between the nobility of the gesture and the precarity of the materials. His work defies definitions y suppresses the limits between Art and Reality, thus connecting with the proposals of post-structuralist philosophy.

His work has been part of important international group exhibitions at the Musée de l’Homme (Paris), Printemps de Septembre (Toulouse), FIAC Hors les Mur (Paris) and individual exhibitions and projects in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneva, Russia, China, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates and Seoul.

His work is present in various public and private collections, including the Fondation Carmignac (Paris and Ile de Porquerolles, France), the Fondation Villa Datris (Paris), the Kingdom of Belgium, the IKONE collection in Geneva, the FRAC LR (Montpellier ) and the Musée Paul Valéry (Sète, France).

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