Gonzalo Elvira participates at the documental “Invitation au voyage. Ibiza / Taïwan / Angers”

Gonzalo Elvira participates in the documentary Invitation au voyage. Ibiza / Taïwan / Angers, which explores the artistic, cultural and natural heritage of Ibiza, Taïwan and Angers from the perspective of Walter Benjamin. Gonzalo Elvira brings his artistic perspective and the inspiration that the German philosopher brings to his work from Ibiza, a place of inspiration for both. For the German Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin, the island of Ibiza was a true refuge. In 1932, the thinker, translator and art critic fled the precariousness of his life in Berlin. On the white island of Ibiza, where he met with other European intellectuals, Walter Benjamin immersed himself in local traditions to perfect his anti-capitalist thought. In this ephemeral haven of peace he wrote some of his most important texts.

See the complete vídeo here.

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