Blanca Casas Brullet – ESBORRALL

Artist: Blanca Casas Brullet

Title: Esborrall

Year: 2014

Technique: Blackened silver (by sulfurization with photographic developer) on folded paper

Size: Variable (approximately 30 x 20 x 20 cm)

The Esborralls (Blots) are a series of sculptures made of folded paper following a regular pattern; Once the desired shape is obtained, the pieces go through an electroplating process to cover the paper with a thin layer of silver that keeps the trace of each sheet (the paper is “imprisoned” within the silver). The Esborralls seek to reproduce the shape of a crumpled paper, that of an eraser that has to end up in the trash can. It is about in this work to summon the attempts and the necessary errors of any creative process before reaching a satisfactory result.

Beyond the fact of giving nobility (through the precious metal) to the errors typical of workshop labor, the silver deposit also constitutes an eye-catcher to photography (silver on paper), and in fact one of the pieces has passed through a blackening process similar to that of photographic paper, in a developer bath.

The silver gradually modifies its appearance depending on the atmospheric conditions, the exposure to light and the chemical components of the air, thus making a record of the evolution of each piece itself.


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