The Fundació Vilacasas hosts the exhibition “Des de més enllà del temps” by Fina Miralles

Curated by Maia Creus y Maria Lluïsa Faxedas, the exhibition Des de més enllà del temps de Fina Miralles presents the visual relationship between writing and the artist’s plastic production, previously published in Fina Miralles. Paraules fèrtils 1972-2017. In the words of the curators, “the figure runs through Fina Miralles’ entire pictorial corpus, with images that refer to the indigenous past common to all human beings, the presence of the biological mother or the cosmic tree, and the beings of the water; we also find a gallery of mythological spirits, from the ancestral power of the totem to the spirit of the forest, of day and night, or the flowering of the plant kingdom”.

The exhibition will be open from 14.09.2023-14.01.2023 at the Espai Volart of the Fundació Vilacasas (Barcelona).

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