Antoni Campañà at the XXI Xavier Miserachs Biennial of Photography

The exhibition Icons but of What? Women and the Civil War in the eyes of Antoni Campañà is part of the XXI Xavier Miserachs Photography Biennial. An exhibition in which the photographs of Antoni Campañà provide a different point of view and a very comprehensive reading of the role of women during the Spanish Civil War.
On view until 9 October in the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Theatre of Palafrugell.


Gonzalo Elvira at Can Framis, finalist of the Painting Award 2022 of the Fundació Vila Casas

Once again, the Fundació Vila Casas has announced the edition of the awards dedicated, on a rotating basis, to the disciplines of painting, sculpture and photography. This year is the turn of the Painting Prize 2022 and the jury -formed by Gisela Chillida, Natàlia Chocarro, Marc Domènech, Conxita Oliver, Antonio Sagnier, Àlex Susanna and Antoni Vila Casas- has selected 30 finalist works, including the work “P2” by Gonzalo Elvira, which can be viewed in an exhibition at Can Framis between July 5 and September 18, 2022.

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Gloria Oyarzabal nominated in the 5th edition of the Prix Elysée photo award

Gloria Oyarzabal has been nominated for the 2022-24 edition of the International photography prize, the Prix Elysée,  for her project La Blanche et la Noire (USUS FRUCTUS ABUSUS), a work that examines colonial property rights over bodies and cultural artifacts as a foundational element of the museum.

The Prix Elysée is a two-phase publishing award, in which two books are produced: the nominees’ book (first year) and the winner’s book (second year).

It is open to photographers or artists using photography, regardless of age or nationality, whose work has been the subject of first exhibitions and publications that have brought them national recognition, or even international visibility. However, they have not yet benefited from a mid-career retrospective.

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Miquel Mont at Migennes

Anne-Marie Cornu Althabégoity and Miquel Mont present TOUS LES CHEMINS MÉNENT À MIGENNES at Cinéma Le PRISME as part of the Canal Satellite / Art Contemporain residency project that invites artists to generate cultural proposals accessible to all. Both set off by bicycle, going up the banks of the Seine and then the Yonne to the south, with a listening pavilion sculpture to listen to the landscape. They will capture their travel impressions through photographs, drawings and recordings, and will display everything upon arrival in Migennes. In October they will present a film about their experience.