Marina Núñez in the exhibition “El meu cos coneix cants inaudits, la carn diu ver, soc carn espaiosa que canta” in Bólit, Girona

Marina Núñez is showing her work Inmersión in the group exhibition ‘El meu cos coneix cants inaudits, la carn diu ver, soc carn espaiosa que canta‘, curated by Ingrid Guardiola and Marta Segarra. Using the body as a pretext, the exhibition at the Bólit Centre d’Art de Girona is conceived as a collective investigation into identity and gender as questions of abnormality. With Inmersión (2019), Marina Núñez creates a mysterious space in which the bodies placed in it end up being absorbed by the surrounding matter.

Colita shows in “Colita Flamenco. El viaje sin fin” at Centro Cultural Casa Surga (Utrera)

Colita shows the exhibition “Colita Flamenco. El viaje sin fin” at the Centro Cultural Casa Surga (Utrera). It is an exhibition that shows Colita’s journey through flamenco tablaos, as well as dozens of portraits and snapshots of the most important figures of this cultural phenomenon such as Antonio Gades, La Chunga, Paco de Lucía, Pepe Mairena, José Menese, Lola Flores, Juan Talega, La Piriñaca, Enrique Morente, Mayte Martín and Miguel Poveda.
In the same way, the exhibition celebrates the donation of 7 copies from 1969 to the town of Utrera, in which pictures the sisters Fernanda and Bernarda were portrayed for the book “Luces y sombras del flamenco” (1975).

22.15.2023 — 22.06.2023

Andrés Galeano exhibits in Corrents d’imatges, in Espai d’Arts Rocaumbert (Granollers)

Andrés Galeano exhibits in Corrents d’Imatges, an exhibition that brings together five artists from Quebec and Catalonia who undertook a digital photographic correspondence in 2020, when creation was done in confinement. The processes set in motion from the space of digital conversation and concretized in residencies in Quebec and Granollers during 2022 are witnesses of a process of exploration of the power of images to build stories and transform them, to create spheres of intimacy or even to become spiritual icons. This exhibition is the culmination of a collaboration between Roca Umbert and VU Photo, with the support of the Institut Ramon Llul, the Ministère des Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

From March 25 to June 25, 2023.

Marina Núñez exhibits in the exhibition CRYPTO ART: A NEW POSSIBILITY EXHIBITION, Dynamicart Museum

Two busts of a woman and a man are made up of fragments of their own faces, like archaeological remains, multiple and fragmented, of their history. A history that comes to an end when the sculptures crumble, soft and inconsistent, around roses or penetrated by lilies. If in the baroque vanitas the flowers represented a pleasant but ephemeral existence, here they remain, the fleetingness is only human. Marina Núñez presents the two single-channel videos Vanitas (1), Vanitas (2), 2019, in the exhibition CRYPTO ART: A NEW POSSIBILITY EXHIBITION at the Dynamicart Museum.

ORLAN: “I have tried to donate my body to a museum, with no luck so far”, La Vanguardia

“At first they thought this wasn’t art, that I was crazy. That’s what they said about the impressionists and now their images are on boxes of chocolates. I hope that the same thing will happen with my body,” said the artist ORLAN at the press conference held during the opening of Weeping women Are Angry.

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