28.11.2020 — 25.02.2021

The work of Pepo Hernando relies on a long career as a visual artist. He began to work with the pencil as he first entered the field of art, which allowed him to articulate an aesthetic of his own, characterised by quick strokes and shadows. In the seventies, he secured a place in the Catalan contemporary art scene, holding numerous exhibitions. From that first period, we are left with grave and penetrating compositions, already showing the complex harmony that would come to characterise his work. The author retained and sharpened these elements to achieve an exceptional balance between idea and image, the pure and the visceral.

Hernando has managed to skilfully combine artistic creation and artisan technique, thus blurring the border between the two. For decades, he has been responsible for most of the exhibition projects in Barcelona, as a framer, exhibition consultant and space designer. He is also a founding pillar at the RocioSantaCruz Gallery, for he has been intimately committed to the project since its inception. He has handled the work of countless artists from the gallery, always working with utmost precision and expertise. It is with great pleasure that RocioSantaCruz shares the most recent work of this artist, whose company and friendship have supported us for years.

Me multipliqué para sentirme is his first exhibition in twenty years and it marks a return, a reunion which takes its place at the symbolic home that RocioSantaCruz represents. Like he who returns without ever being completely gone, Pepo now seizes a space which, in a way, belongs to him too. Me multipliqué emerges from this constant coming and going, and articulates an assemblage of cells, membranes and chromatic textures. One can discern, behind the complex patterns and colours, a relentless fight between darkness and light, between creation and destruction. Hernando composes this sort of visual rhizome in the midst of a global pandemic, seeking to establish a physical, organic and sentient relationship with life cycles, as well as with the opacity of the uncertain.

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