Lois Patiño ‘Sol Rojo’ en LOOP Festival, hotel Ocean Drive

The HADAL project, by Lois Patiño, to which the piece SOL ROJO belongs, proposes an immersion into the abyss of the ocean. Hadal is the deepest stratum of the sea, more than 6000 meters deep, where there is a total absence of light and the cold is very intense. The word hadal refers to the Greek god of death, Hades, and his domain, the place of death.

The project focuses on the perceptual and sensory aspects of the underwater experience, where buoyancy, the rhythm of breathing and the refraction of light, awaken sensations that take you beyond the corporeal. An intimate and contemplative experience of profound introspection.

RED SUN is the piece that culminates this journey from the darkness and cold of the sea depths, towards light, color and signs of life. A fish storm revolves around a motionless figure, oscillating weightless with the flow of water. From the interior of the sea we can observe the source of light and heat: a red sun, liquid, floats in the water.

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