Lluís Hortalà


Lluís Hortalà was born in Olot (Girona), a city in northeastern Catalonia, close to the Pyre- nees and near France. Although self-taught, he studied at the Sant Jordi Fine Arts School,
in Barcelona, 1977 -78. His “Opac” exhibition, presented in 1991 at “La Caixa Foundation” in Moncada, Barcelona, marked the beginning of the series of works known as “topogra- phies of sight” – circular-shaped wall sculptures of polyester-covered wood. Then came other works, related to architecture and, later, to the structures of the body. During that time, he started using ceramics in his work. Between 1995 and 2001 he lived and worked in Lon- don at Delfina Studio residence. He explored the subjects of landscape, light installation, drawings and sculptures, relating his personal experience as a mountain-climber to the ar- tistic outlook. In 2014/15 he went to Brussels to study marble painting, wood imitation and trompe l’oeil at the Academy Van Der Kelen. He is currently working on painting related to the history of marbles in architecture and art. Lluis Hortalà has exhibited at the museums: MNCARS (Madrid), Fundaçao Gulbenkian (Lisbon), Atrium (Vitoria), and “Le carré” (Nimes) among others. He has permanent works in important collections and museums.

Lluís Hortalà, Making of ‘Ante la Ley’ (Spanish room. “Before the Law”)

A short video made by ©Adolf Alcañiz about the making of Lluis Hortalà’s “Spanish room. Before the Law. (Ante la Ley)”.

20 de agosto de 2021

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