02.06.2020 — 10.09.2020

To draw parallels with the great magnitude that this problem should occupy in our minds, the artist works with large-format paintings, to point out and highlight this idea. Also, in a manner different to his previous works, he uses a monochromatic range. His works, known for years for a bright and varied color palette, are limited in the exhibition to shades of green and blue, which speak of the hydrosphere and the biosphere, the elements damaged in this problem. In the words of Sixe, ‘These two colors, green and blue, in my worldview represent: heaven and earth, nature and the universe, awareness and respect’. 

The works shown at this exhibition were presented for the first time, at the end of 2019, at the CEART, Tomás y Valiente Art Center in Fuenlabrada.

It is articulated from different styles, ranging from the purest Pictorial Abstraction, with which it winks with blurred and liquid blows that drain, to its origins in street painting. Simultaneously, he dialogues with other languages ​​in which the shape is made and unmade, accompanying canvases with pieces made with assemblies of various materials: wools and cords, beads and bars of painted wood. And it goes as far as the transmutation in the use of the same symbolic elements, which he explores with other artistic supports, such as video art or the use of hand-woven textiles, which follow ancient traditions of Mesoamerican origin, the result of his artistic experience in Peru.

This exhibition reflects, at the same time, the transformation that has taken place in Sixe’s artistic language, as well as the different supports that his works have adopted. The artist works the alteration of its compositional elements and, ultimately, the dissolution of the figure-ground opposition towards a total abstraction, not only that of a pictorial main, but of the pictorial function itself. From a two-dimensional plane such as the canvas, it passes to other three-dimensional supports such as the textile assembly.

In this series of works, he translates the pictorial idea into the three-dimensional, transmutes with various materials, wool, ropes, beads and wooden pieces painted by the artist himself, hand-woven by him, in a superposition of elements with a continuity solution. that we could call Expanded Painting.

As Sixe points out: ‘today, in the world we live in, we are drowned in predigested images that invite no reflection at all. On the contrary, they leave us mentally numb, lead us to stop thinking, and cause us to forget to use our innate imagination, our creative mind’. 

Laura García-Borreguero finishes: Sixe -in the pieces selected for this exhibition- invites us to reflect, to think creatively and not slavishly, reviving our most ancestral consciousness, now dormant but engraved deeply within us. Because in a world that applauds individualism, the artist reminds us of what unites and connects us, what we all share and hold in common. 

Despite his international career, Sixe Paredes has not exhibited in Barcelona since 2011.

It has been a luck and a great joy to have met with his works and that now we can enjoy them at the gallery.

Sixe Paredes
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