Mar Arza, Pep Duran and Fina Miralles in MACBA Collection. Prelude, Barcelona

Mar Arza, Pep Duran and Fina Miralles participate in the new exhibition of the MACBA Collection. Prelude, which offers a space for reflection and critique in which the “art” experience is presented as a generating and emancipating principle. This new approach to the Collection will make use, in large part, of works acquired in recent years that seek new scenarios of relationship with existing works from the Collection. A new storytelling is thus configured that embraces absences and enables other discourses as common spaces, scenarios of the possible to question and update the forms of relationship that artistic practices establish with the subjects.

Curated by Elvira Dyangani Ose, Antònia M. Perelló Ferrer, Claudia Segura Campins and Patrícia Sorroche.

The exhibition will be on view from December 14, 2022 to mid-2024 at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona.

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